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Expediting Candidate Selection with Assessments

Recruiters utilizing ATS OnDemand’s (ATSOD) applicant tracking solution can post jobs free and instantly to Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and other third-party job boards. This streamlined process will increase company exposure and candidate flow. While the ATS allows recruiters to add prescreening and knock out questions to applications for easy filtering, ATSOD strives to dig even deeper to achieve a quality-over-quantity approach in regards to talent.

For this reason, ATSOD has partnered with best-in-class assessment provider, Corvirtus. 

This integration allows clients to quickly perform a deeper screen on candidates for the quality and talent needed to succeed. Corvirtus and ATSOD’s first mutual customer to benefit from the partnership is Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy. The Missouri-based company focuses on customer service, accurate and quick order-fulfillment, and affordable health care.


Check out our Q&A session with Jason Magill, HR Manager for Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy:


Why were you looking to add assessments to your hiring process?

We are a retail pharmacy, which means we compete with general retailers more than health care providers.  When it comes to candidates, that means it’s also fairly easy to meet our entry requirements (e.g. customer service experience), so it’s not uncommon to get hundreds of applications for each open position.  The discussion began with a desire to save our hiring managers time and frustration during the recruitment process.  We decided to look at assessments to add a more objective data source to help automatically sort through all of the applications we receive and bring those great candidates to the top of consideration.

Prior to having assessments, how were managers/recruiters screening candidates?  Were they reviewing every application?

The initial screening was limited to reviewing applications and resumes one by one and solely relied on the hiring manager’s interpretation of the information provided. Our hiring managers were not able to keep up and typically only reviewed around 50-75% of total candidates, which means we were likely losing out on some great candidates solely due to logistical issues.

After adding assessments, how much time would you estimate is saved in filling a position?

For most of our hiring managers, it has reduced the time spent to hire by about a third.

What have been the benefits of adding assessments?

The additional resources seem to give our managers more confidence in navigating the hiring process.  I’ve noticed less stress and anxiety when a position is opened.

The assessments provide the hiring manager with early insights into the candidate, which improves the quality of the interview.  The manager has access to probing questions based on the assessment, which allows them to dig deeper past the more typical “canned” responses we get from candidates.

It’s now become common to have a handful of good candidates, which can make it difficult to make a final decision.  The assessments are an outside and objective viewpoint that can help one candidate pull away from the others.

After hire, the manager then also has a general roadmap for how to best address development opportunities with the employee.  That roadmap then helps with the onboarding process, which I feel contributes to our steady decline in early turnover.

For compliance purposes, it’s beneficial to use a third party tool which rates a candidate.  That rating gives us a simple way to document that a candidate was not a good fit, rather than solely relying on manager notes.

Why do your managers love the assessment integration with ATSOD?

From a candidate perspective, there is a seamless transition between the application and assessment, making it easy for them to complete. Managers do not have to log into a separate system to administer assessments or view results – everything can be accessed within ATS OnDemand.

— A Special Offer for New Clients —

Much like Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy, clients from all industries will benefit from this new integration.  As a special introductory offer, Corvirtus would like to offer existing ATSOD clients a free 30-day trial of assessments and 50% off of their set-up fee.  Whether you are simply curious about assessments or are currently looking for a solution, the trial is a great way to experience the tools risk free.

New to ATS OnDemand and Corvirtus?  Get 50% off your implementation and set-up fee when you bundle the solutions!  Curious to learn more? Request a demo today.