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May 8, 2018
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ATS OnDemand Supports New GDPR Policies

What is the GDPR?


On May 25, 2018, the EU’s new data protection plan will go into effect. The plan, called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), requires that companies strengthen their privacy policies and data protection.

Who is affected?
The GDPR affects companies who operate within the EU. This applies to companies who are both headquartered or simply provide business services to companies in the EU.

ATS OnDemand is fully compliant to meet these deadlines and support your company in its continued EU business functions.


What is new?

There are some key highlights that separate the new GDPR from the past 1995 EU Privacy Directive.


Implementation of new regulation and security obligations

Data governance requirements, including policies, procedures and defined roles

Strict timelines regarding data breach notifications

Data Protection Officer for large issues

Individual “Right to Be Forgotten”

    - Notice and consent to data use
    - Correction and rectification of data
    - Right to erasure of personal data

Right to access personal data being stored and processed by companies

Right to restrict personal data from being used for marketing purposes


How ATSOD Is Preparing

ATS OnDemand (ATSOD) has always provided quick compliance to new laws and regulations.


How we will comply:

    - Implementation of Data Protection Officer within ATS staff
    - ATSOD will include language within our privacy policy and on job boards regarding new data access and permissions
    - Clients will be able to provide candidates with access to their personal data with simple button on profile
    - Candidates cannot create an account if they do not agree to the new privacy policy
    - Data retention period will be set by clients
    - Candidate will have option to delete data from company ATS system