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October 13, 2015
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November 19, 2015
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ATS OnDemand releases their much anticipated Version 12.1!

This the most successful release to data for ATS OnDemand. Version 12.1 offers clients an enhanced and even more intuitive experience. ATS OnDemand 12.1 couldn’t have come at a better time; growing trends in HR have pointed to a few important features that Human Resource Departments are wanting or need. Trends towards Big Data, Robust Reports and being more Social have gained significant traction, significant enough that ATS OnDemand adapted their system to these trends almost immediately. This new release offers clients the most robust and powerful Applicant Tracking System in the market, and most importantly, at an affordable price!

ATS OnDemand always offered analytics, but now we have made our analytics engine even more powerful, pulling additional information all while making it more accessible! Now clients can analyze and execute easily on actionable decisions to improve their recruiting and application processes. Dashboard_ATSODWhat makes our analytics even better is the fact that clients can run numerous robust reports that we provide or even create their own! ATS OnDemand really wanted to empower our clients with tools and features to put our clients in a competitive advantage to acquire quality candidates.

This new generation of the workforce are always on the go and are on mobile devices more than ever. We offer clients a mobile and responsive career page and application process, making it easier for candidates to apply to a client’s positions. But the next question is, how can you increase the exposure of your job openings to the new generation who are constantly on mobile devices and constantly on social networks? Well its simple really, Post your job on your social media outlets! With ATS OnDemand, clients can easily post and promote their job openings on their company or personal social media pages. With only a couple of clicks, clients can link the open job they want to promote along with trending hashtags and select which social media source they wish to post it out to. This benefits both parties, Candidates and Clients, because we are seeing trends increasing of applicants connecting and utilizing their social media profiles to apply for jobs.

Come see what all the hype is about, we promise you will be impressed! Come request a Demo and see how we have packaged all of these powerful tools in a clean and exceptionally user friendly interface all at an affordable price!


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