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ATS OnDemand and Sparkhire Bring Seamless Video Interview

ATS OnDemand has partnered with Spark Hire to bring seamless video interviewing to our ATS. To date, Spark Hire has helped thousands of organizations from a wide range of industries simplify recruitment through video interviewing. In today’s global environment, it is easier than ever to reach candidates around the world. Bringing them into the office for an interview might not be the best first step, so a video interview is the perfect solution. Hiring managers can observe the body language of a candidate, examine poise and critical thinking all through timed recorded video answers.

Hiring Managers can set questions for the candidate and control certain aspects of the experience such as how many times a candidate can record and the amount of time they have to submit their answer. When the interview is completed by the candidate on their own time, it is then brought into the ATS so responses can be viewed directly from a candidate’s profile.

To enable the Spark Hire integration, please reach out to support@atsondemand.com.


Candidate View of Interview Invite:

Hiring Manager View of Completed Interview:

More about Spark Hire

Spark Hire is an easy-to-use video interviewing platform with 4,000+ customers conducting video interviews in over 100 countries. Since launching in 2012, Spark Hire has become the fastest-growing video interviewing platform. Organizations of all sizes are utilizing Spark Hire to make better hires faster than ever before. Learn more on sparkhire.com.


More about ATS OnDemand

For over 15 years, ATS OnDemand has provided small to medium-sized businesses with an industry leading and cost efficient ATS. Through integrations, the ATS has expanded services through integrations to include payroll, background check and skill assessment. The module based system allows clients to only pay for services they need. For this reason, ATS OnDemand remains the industry’s most affordable and scalable HR solution.