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June 15, 2017
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Future of Recruiting: Artificial Intelligence

Often, the tone towards “Artificial Intelligence” is generally negative due its impact of unemployment on the workforce. Although the process of automation creates an increase in unemployment, the use of Artificial Intelligence will have a very beneficial impact on the success of positive recruiting.

Rather than decreasing jobs, Artificial Intelligence will allow businesses to hire more effectively and at an even faster rate. Many recruiters may fear the use of Artificial Intelligence, but the benefits of implementing an ATS that uses Artificial Intelligence software will make the recruiting process effortless.

Here are the main parts of the recruitment process which AI will expedite:

Initial Resume Scan

Artificial Intelligence will be used to expedite the process of recruiting is sorting through hundreds of candidates resumes in the matter of seconds. Without the use of an ATS that uses Artificial Intelligence, hiring managers and recruiters spend hours on end sifting through candidates resumes, which becomes a very tedious task. Often many resumes are overlooked, which creates an unfair way to treat potential employee.

Candidate Screening

Also through the use of Artificial Intelligence candidate screening stronger. By using Artificial Intelligence tool that interacts with the candidate during the applying process, a detailed assessment of the applicant will be done in the quickest most effective way. Candidates who are obviously not fit for the position they are applying for will automatically be filtered out of the hiring process, and those candidates who deserve a second look will be advanced into the next recruitment stage.

All of the unwanted, monotonous work that recruiters do not want to do will be completed by Artificial Intelligence. This allows hiring managers to answer the most vital question while finding the next employee: “Will this candidate make a positive impact on the company?”