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January 18, 2015
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5 Questions Every Recruiter Should Ask Before Making an ATS Buying Decision

“Every business is successful exactly to the extent that it does something others cannot.” This is a quote from Peter Thiel’s Zero to One, which I thought was very relevant in this world of shark tank’s and start-ups emerging almost daily. As the modern recruiter evaluates Applicant Tracking Systems in a large pond of competition, the options might first appear undifferentiated with lots of comparable features. Sure, there are some Applicant Tracking Systems with have high-profile client names or a really fancy website, but if you don’t do your homework, you might see that the very foundation of the system, the logic, is often overlooked.
Shiny graphs and bright buttons with rounded corners are no doubt aesthetically pleasing, but it’s hard to determine the best system for your organization when you don’t demo it yourself. It is always encouraged to take a free-trial if it is offered because everyone needs to find their own rhythm and comfort level when trying out new technology, much like a car. Aside from the free-trial, here are 5 questions every recruiter should ask before making an ATS buying decision:

    1. How much of the system is pre-configured?

When setting up a database from scratch, it often provokes a lot of internal process questions and requires some work on the front-end to create email templates, jobs, and nail down your internal workflow.  For small to medium sized businesses, this is an important factor when time and resources are often constrained. Many systems can be rapidly deployed with a standard career page and application, but make sure it fits your needs before you start receiving candidates!

    1. What kind of support will I get during and post-implementation?

This is a critical question to ask during a trial period or demonstration. Implementing new technology needs to be done right the first time, and without a team behind you offering best-practices and guidance, you will never realize the true ROI from the technology investment. Will you be handed off to someone else or given a code for a call center or will there be a single point of contact who knows your recruiting and hiring process?

    1. How secure is the system?

While security and data privacy may not be the first thing that HR professionals think about when selecting a new system, but it is definitely something your IT personnel will need to know. Make sure your provider is up to date with all relevant certifications like TRUSTe, and EU Safe Harbor if you do business internationally. Also make sure they have current SSAE or SOC II reports provided by a 3rd party auditing service.

    1. What kind of social and mobile tools are available?

We are living in a social recruiting revolution. Applicant Tracking should not just be a recruitment tool to track and mange jobs and candidates anymore. It should provide you with the tools to enhance your employer brand, leverage the power of the social networks to maximize exposure to your jobs, attract and engage both active and passive candidates, and finally allow candidates to apply to jobs from their mobile devices.

    1. What type of Reports are available for Senior Management?

Reporting is the ammo that drives key processes and decision making within any department, and HR is no different. Being able to provide senior management with real numbers on things like attrition, cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, candidate engagement and ROI on job boards can quickly gain attention and identify systemic issues. Don’t be intimated by the numbers – ask your provider for help. Are they ad-hoc reports? Can you run the reports yourself? Either way, reports should be run frequently so you can make smarter decisions and have a real-time pulse on the happenings in recruiting.
ATS OnDemand is known for its fanatical support team, ease of use, and modern social recruiting tools. Every client has a dedicated success team who provides live phone support and 24/7 email support so you can get through the task-at-hand in the moment of need. We are constantly evolving our product to respond to market demands and the ever-changing recruiting landscape. With ATS OnDemand, you can recruit smarter with integrated social posting tools and leverage the power of social networks to evangelize your brand, convert more top talent, and build the next generation of your company.