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June 9, 2017
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June 15, 2017
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4 Benefits for Recruiting College Graduates


Recruiters are often challenged with the decision between hiring a new college graduate or an experienced worker. Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of recruiting and hiring the candidate who will make the most positive impact on the company, it can seem like a more comfortable choice to choose an applicant with more experience. However, hiring new college graduates can provide many opportunities for a company.

Lower Salary Expectations

Due to a new college graduate’s experience level, salary expectations will be much lower compared to an already established worker. This allows for the company to lower its costs and expenses while maximizing profits, which is the absolute goal of any company.

Comfort with New Technology

New graduates have been submerged with technology since childhood, which has allowed them to develop a greater comfort level with advanced technology. In today’s business world, innovative and disruptive technology is needed to keep a company alive. Candidates with more personal experience will provide the company with endless ideas and opportunities. Candidates who have grown up using technology can be the competitive advantage that businesses need to find their next product or service development when fighting to stay ahead of the competition and leaders in their industry.

Ambition to Succeed

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 1.9 million students have graduated in the 2016-17 year causing a scarcity of open jobs. By recruiting a newly college grad, companies will be investing in a worker who is ambitious and willing to keep their job at all costs considering the amount of competition in the work force. College grads are eager to hit the ground running and make their first impression very positive with a new company.

A New Fresh Perspective in the Workplace

Compared to older workers, new college graduates are familiar with the latest trends. This will result in new innovative ideas and a higher creativity than a worker who has become comfortable with the industry as they know it. Considering that these college graduates are new in the workforce they will not be customary to everyday routine, which will bring a fresh, youthful point of view in the workplace.