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June 14, 2018
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Text Recruiting Simplified For Small Businesses

Text recruiting is the latest trend Human Resource professionals are utilizing to communicate with their talent.  Contacting candidates on their mobile device is an efficient way to connect with applicants and improve response times for scheduling interviews and filling jobs quickly.  Text messages can be read and answered instantly and at anytime; a major advantage compared to emailing and phone calls. Because texting is now a major part of a person’s everyday life, regardless of age (although more prominent with certain age groups), this is a great functionality to incorporate into the recruitment process.

Mobile-Optimized Applicant Tracking Solution



ATS OnDemand’s applicant tracking system (ATS) includes a built-in text message functionality allowing recruiters to connect to candidates via text message.  Candidates who opt-in to receive texts through the online application will have a green speech bubble next to their information within the ATS.  Recruiters can instantly initiate text message communication by selecting the speech bubble next to the candidate’s information.  All communications are stored within a message center and can be viewed at any time by system administrators.



Message Center & Mass Messaging


The message center houses all text message communications between system administrators and candidates.  Administrators have the ability to view their own messages as well as other system administrator communications.  Recruiters can also elect to send text messages to a mass-group of candidates within a specific job and recruit flow (see below).

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