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July 31, 2019
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September 3, 2019
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78% of job seekers say THIS about online applications


“78% of job candidates say overall candidate experience is an indicator of how a company values its people.”

This month our team was a sponsor at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Philadelphia. Professionals met to learn and share strategies about sourcing and hiring the best talent.

One of the hottest topics was candidate experience and employer brand. According to statistics, a poor apply process and follow-up plan can really hurt a company’s reputation.

Here are 4 important points:

1) 80–90% of talent say a positive or negative candidate experience can change their minds about a role or company.

2) 60% of job seekers report they have quit an application due to its length or complexity.

3) 80% of job seekers say they would not reapply to a company that didn’t notify them of their application status.

4) 65% of job seekers say they never or rarely receive notice of their application status. View source list here.

With recruitment tools like applicant tracking, teams can avoid all of the above pain points while creating a positive experience for all job seekers.

How applicant tracking can help

1) Applicant tracking software (ATS) provides mobile-friendly career pages and applications. This allows all candidates to apply seamlessly using any smart device; helping promote a positive experience.

2) Although some companies may prefer a short and sweet apply process, others require a longer process to gather more data. Either way, the ATS you use should always offer customized application options.

3) With the right software, sending a status update can be completely automated. Respect the time and effort of your talent and send them a friendly email keeping them updated. Even if you are sending a rejection letter, data shows this is better than no response.

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